Beetroot halwa - The quick dessert

I love this for the color...the taste..the simplicity and I love this more than carrot halwa..
A very quick dessert item..


Grated Beets - 2 cups
Whole Milk - 1 cup (Can be more per taste)
Sugar - 1 cup
Chopped Cashew/Almonds
Ghee - 2 - 3 sp

Fry chopped nuts in 1 spoon of ghee and set aside.
Add 2 spoons of ghee to the tava, when hot add grated beets and fry for a minute.
Pour the milk and cook in sim mode
Half way thru add sugar,mix well and cook till milk is absorbed and beet is cooked well.
Cook till the mixture solidifes and come out from the sides and sets to a nice halwa texture.
Switch off, Garnish with fried nuts.
Serve hot.

-- If beet is very old, boiling takes longer time. This case, try to steam the beets for few minutes till they are half cooked and then proceed as above.
--Instead of milk, one can add condensed milk / khoya. Or partly whole milk and partly khoya.


Jyoti said...

Interesting and healthy to make halwa with beetroot !

Unknown said...

i made burfi wih beetroot..yours looks delicious..

Sowmya said...

Yes Jyoti...Infact everytime I buy beets I end up making Halwa ;)

Sowmya said...

Thanks sowmya...I too tried Beet-Burfi...I loved that too... :)