Easy Vegetable Rice - Quick Quick real Quick

This is a quick one dish meal recipe when I am not in mood to stretch efforts for a vegetable Biriyani .Also No grinding masalas as like Pulao and stuff. I say this is quick if you have frozen cut vegetables :) else cutting vegetables for veg rice is really time consuming task :)

(Now, am back again with utilising 'sambar powder' :) To retierate again it has the hidden but ever satisfying spices such as Dhaniya,Channa Dal,Methi in right proportions.. You can check the sambar powder recipe here ) Have no apprehensions about adding sambar powder in this rice, this will NOT taste just like sambar rice ;)

Ingredients :-
Normal Rice / Basmati Rice - 1 cup
Vegetables (Beans/Carrot/Onion/Peas/Corn) - 2 cups
Sambar powder - 2 full sp
Garam Masala powder - 1 sp
Cumin Coriander powder - 1 sp
Curd - 1 Tbsp
Oil/Butter/Ghee - 2-3 sp

In little butter/ghee/oil, saute the vegetables, add little water and cook closed.
Once they are partly done, add masala powders,curd,salt, give a good mix.
(Curd helps binding the masala together and boosts up the taste)
Add the whole mixture to rice, add enough water and cook till done.
Serve hot with Raitha.


kittymatti said...

very interesting..this is a good idea..sounds very very good n the pic speaks for itself!

lata raja said...

Now that is another recipe my daughter and friends ought to try cooking.Mailing this post to her.Real- real quick, Sowmya.