Asparagus curry

Asparagus was some sort of Greek and Latin word till a week back. 

I saw that it is available in Plenty, especially here in Michigan. When I googled about it, I was amazed at the the nutrition value it has. Contains so many vitamins. Mainly, a very good Kidney tonic. 

When I tasted it raw, it wasnt that bad, I felt I can even eat it raw with a bit of salt. It tastes mild and hence suitable for almost all of our Indian cooking in Sambar/Kootu/curries.
Chop of the woody bottom of the stem (as we do for the Keerais (greens))  and can cook just like our beans. 

I tried the below two types as of now. 

1) Chop of the woddy bottom (Just like keerai thandu, u can do it with your hand it automatically cuts itself right till the woody portion). Chop it like beans and drizzle some olive oil, pepper and salt and bake it in 475' F for 20-30 mins or till done. Take it out when half done, sprinkle some cheese on it. 

2) Chop it like beans, steam it lightly and add curry powder and salt. 
[ I use curry powder made of Dhaniya + Channa dal + Red chilli ] and it goes great with many vegetable like Brinjal, Capsicum.