Pesarattu / Moong Dal Dosa

A veryhealthy tiffin ..

Split Moong / Payaru - 1 cup
Ginger - 2' piece
Green Chilli - 4
For Topping:
Rice / Rice flour (opt) - 1 Tbsp

Wash well and Soak the Moong over night.
Grind the well soaked Moong along with green chilli,ginger and salt adding water.
If the Moong is well washed before soaking, the soaked water could be used for grinding.
The batter should be like Dosa batter.
Drizzle some oil on hot tava, take a laddle full of batter pour on hot tava, spread it into thin circle.
Sprinkle Cumin and finely chopped onions on top.
Once boiled, flip to other side and boil coupe of minutes.
Serve with chutney.

-- This dosa comes out soft, if you want it little crisp, add a tbsp of rice flour (mixed with little bit of cold water) to the batter.
If rice flour is not available, soak 1 tbsp of rice for an hour or so, and grind along with Moong.


Unknown said...

Pesarattu is one dish which my Amma taught me when we were in Hyderabad! It's my dad's favie and he orders Upma Pesarattu every time we go to a hotel!!!

Thanks for the recipe - I had forgotten this one and was thinking to ask my mom for it! :D