Carrot Halwa / Ghajjar Halwa

I love Carrot Halwa, because its one of the sweets that requires less ghee and also the preparation time is much much quicker.Tastes awesome :)


Carrot - 2 Cups
Milk - 1 cups (Can be more or less too, basically milk enough to boil the carrot will do)
Sugar - 3/4 (can be more per taste)
Ghee - 2 Sp
Cashew nuts / Raisins / Almonds
Cardomom powder - 1/2 spoon

- In a wide tava, add 2 spoons of ghee and fry the Cashews / Almonds/ Raisins.Set aside.
- Add the finely grated carrots and fry for few minutes.
- Add the milk and boil the mixture till the milk evaporates.
- In about 15- 20 minutes the milk will be evaporated completely and the carrot will be nicely boiled.
- Add the sugar and mix well for few minutes.
- Switch off and remove when the solid consistency is reached.
- Add cardamom powder and mix well. (To get the best taste of cardamom, always add it towards the end).
-Add fried cashews/Raisins.

Use the grater which grates carrot into bigger pieces. This way, the halwa comes too good.
Look at mine :) Mine was a thin grater and hence the carrot gets mashed up in the boiling process.

Can use Khoa or condensed milk for enhanced taste. Some say even Soy Milk will enhance the taste. I haven't tried it yet.

Can do the same with Beetroot too. Per my opinion, beetroot will taste much good.