Tips for fried curries

No big deal about making a fry curry I know, still there are little things one can follow to make it better.

-Always use a WIDE pan. This helps spreading the vegetables into SINGLE LAYER and helps quick and nice frying.

-Dont keep sauteing the vegetables, leave them undisturbed and saute every 5 mins.

- Its not always possible to cut the vegetables evenly, there are chances few may bigger pieces and few smaller and the difference in shape makes the cooking un-even. While frying, always try to pull thin pieces towards the corners and the bigger pieces towards the centre of the tava where heat is more and fry them for some time. This way we avoid thin pieces getting over-burnt and bigger pieces getting cooked. This way you can add little oil towards center and no need to drizzle oil all over again and again.

-Add chilli powder towards the end and cook for few mins and switch off else you ll end up sneezing till the fry is done.

-Rather than adding chilli powder totally, add half sambar powder and half chilli powder. The spices in the sambar powder gives a good taste to the curries.


Pavithra said...

Thats really informative sowmya