Rasmalai is basically the Ras + Malai. Ras is the liquid and malai is the round patties that we soak inside the ras.
For malai, refer the recipe for rasagulla. Make the rasagulla and instead of making them as round balls, press the balls slightly and pat it round (like pedas) and pressure them in the sugar water. Once done, squeeze the malai gently to dry out excess sugar water and set this aside.

Ingredients - For Ras

Milk - 3 cups
Sugar - 2-3 spoons
Saffron powder
Cardomom powder

- Boil the milk in a hard bottomed pan. Boil it well till the quiantity becomes 1/4th of the original milk content.
Add 2-3 spoons of sugar,
Slip the malai's into the boiling milk and let it boil along with the milk for about 10 minutes to obsorb the milk.
Switch off the heat.
Add saffron powder, cardomom powder and decorate it with cashews , pistas , almonds.


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