Idli Batter (Using Mixie )

Ingredients :

Idly Rice - 3 Cups
Urad Dal - 1 Cup
Methi - 1 Spoon
Poha - 1 Cup
Salt - Add per taste

-Wash well and Soak the Rice,Methi,Poha in 4 cup water and let it set for a minimum of 4-6 hours.

-Wash well and Soak and Urad dal with just enough water for 1 hour. Drain it and let it set
for 1 hour. Grind the Urad dal adding water little by little.
(OR) - Wash well and soak the Urad dal with just enough water and keep it in fridge. After one hour, grind it to paste adding very water little by little.
{You should be able to cut the urad into two, with your nails/fingers. That is a good soaked stage}

-Grind Rice , add Methi, poha and grind to paste.
(can use the soaked water if rice is washed well before)
-Mix them in a vessel.
-Add salt.
-Beat the dough well, using hand (using hand helps in fermentation).
-Let it ferment for atleast 12 - 16 hrs in a warm place.
-Use eversilver vessel which is best for fermenting. Non-stick or porcelein will not be good for fermenting.
-Once fermented, the dough would have fluffied up well. Mix well till bottom and pour in idli plates and steam for 10-12 mins.
-Once its switched off, set it for 5 mins and take out idlis using wet spoon.
-Serve hot with chutneys.


Madhavi said...

I tried it and the idly came out really soft.Thanks !!