Bisibelabath - I love this dish..

Yet another One-Dish-Meal post for today.Weekend I was feeling too lazy to cook an elaborate lunch, Dal,Sambar,Curry so ended up doing this simple satisfying delicious Bisibela bath. It was ready in 30 mins, a whole some meal .

My aunt is the real bisibela bath queen, love the version she makes. Ever since we are very fond of this rice. Based on choice some people make it little grainy , I prefer it totally mushy like pongal ;) So its just your choice, do not get apprehended with the pics :)

This does not take more than 1 sp oil that is taken for grinding the masalas. Ghee is optional.

Ingredients :
Rice - 1 Cup
Tur Dal – 1/2 Cup (Half of Rice quantity)
Vegetables (Beans / carrot / Shallots or Onions / Drumstick ...) - 2 cups
Boiled Peanuts (Opt) - 1/2 cup (I love peanuts in this dish)
Tamarind - big lemon sized. Extract juice. (OR) Tamarind pulp - 1 sp
Ghee - 2 sp

To fry in 1 sp oil and Grind to paste:
Dhaniya – 3 Sp.
Channa dal – 1 1/2 Sp
Grated Cocunut - 3 Sp
Red chilli - 6-8 (Per choice)
Methi - 1 sp
Pepper - 1/2 sp
Curry Leaves - Few springs
Saunf,Cumin - 1/2 sp

-Wash well and cook Rice along with Dal and veggies/peanuts till mushy.
(Use minimum 1:5 Rice:water proportion. I used 1:6). Again as I mentioned, this could be made less mushy too. But I prefer it totally mushy.
When u see the cooked mixture too watery, let it not cheat you, it will solidify too fast on litte boiling or when it gets cold. So have no fear.

Fry in 1 sp oil and Grind the mentioned ingredients adding some water. I have added tamarind pulp while grinding hence the color, else will be quite lighter.

Once rice is cooked, add the ground mixture and Tamarind pulp (if not added already). Add salt.
Boil for 5-7 few minutes till they blend well.
Add ghee for extra flavour.
Serve hot with Bhoondi raitha.

You can also use coconut oil while frying the masala ingredients and then grind the mixture, that way giving some added coconut taste.


Madhuram said...

Bisi bele bath is our favorite too and now we make it only with brown rice and it tastes very good.

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Sowmya said...

Yes Madhu, I have registered there. Yday only. Thank u very much :)

Bhar said...

I tried bisibella bath today . It tasted really really great. No wonder it is one of your favorite. Its become mine too.Now i can stop buying bisibella mix from stores as this taste is heavenly.Thanks for the wonderful recipe.