Aloo Paratha / Indian Bread


For Paratha
Wheat Flour - 2 cups
Salt - A pinch
Oil - 2 sp
Curd - 1 Tbsp
Warm water

Mix salt and flour. Sieve well. Add a table spoon of curd (opt)
Add warm water very little by little, not at one stretch, and knead well.
Tip for getting a soft paratha/roti is in how good we knead the dough.
If food processor is available, use it for making the dough. Rotis come very soft in this way. Else knead the dough atleast for 10 minutes.
Use a little oil while kneading, if it sticks to hand.
Close it with wet napkin and leave it for minimum 30 mins.

For Stuffing:

Medium sized potatoes - 6
Big onions - 2
Green chilli - 3
Cumin - 1 sp
Coriander powder - 1 Tbsp
Red chilli powder - 1 sp
Garam Masala powder - 1 sp

In a pressure pan or normal pan, Boil the potatoes in enough water adding a pinch of salt.
Once done, mash it well. (its easy to do it while its hot)
In a tava, add little oil, Saute the onions well. Add green chillis and the spice powders and saute for a minute or two and add it to the mashed potato.
To this mixture, add the cumin,spice powders,chilli powder,cut green chillis,salt (Per choice, these can be added raw or fried) to the mashed potato and mix well.
Taste it and add spices as required.
Divide them into equal sized balls. Set aside.

Divide the dough prepared for paratha, into equal sized balls.
Using a rolling pin, roll the paratha to a small circle about 2 to 3 '. Drizzle little butter/oil and place the potato stuffing and cover it from all sides.
Flatten it and roll it into thin circle, as much as possible.
Cook the parathas both sides till done in hot tava till brown spots appear.
Serve hot with Bhoondhi Raitha
Do not keep the potatoes for long in the water as it absorbs moisture and it will be difficult while rolling the Parathas.