Tindora / Kovakkai Fry

Kovakkai / Tindora has become one of the rare delicacy after coming to US.
Though it take quite an effort of cutting thin slices , the final product is well worth it :)

Sliced Tindora - 2 cup
Chilli Powder - 1 sp
Sambar Powder - 1 sp
Oil - To shallow fry

In a wide pan, pour 2 spoons of oil, once hot, add the tindora.
Saute them couple of times to coat them evenly with oil.
Leave undisturbed and cook on medium-high. Keep a check else it may stick to bottom.
Every five minutes saute them slightly so that they fry evenly.
Once half done, add salt.
Finally add chilli powder + sambar powder , add 2 spoons of oil, saute for 5 mins.
Switch off.
Serve hot wiht rice / Roti.

Per choice, onions can be added. This goes well with Roti too.

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Unknown said...

i make it almost similarly..tatsed great with rotis...

Unknown said...

never i tried kovakkai. this time will try. looks very tasty and crispy.thank u dear.