Vendakkai VathaKuzhambu - Okra/Ladiesfinger in Spicy Tamarind Gravy

Ohhh how much I love this tangy spicy gravy :)

Quite famous in Tamilnadu, originally called 'Vatral' or 'Vathal' kuzhambu which is framed to VathaKuzhambu. This is usually made with Sundakkai vathal (Sundried turkey berry) or manathakali vathal (Sundried Black Nightshade) ..

This is also made with fresh vegetables like Brinjal/Ladies finger/Pumpkin/Sweet potato etc.

This is one food which I finish till last drop of it :) And the juicy spicy ladies finger in this goes well as side dish with curd rice :)

Ingredeints :
Tamarind - Lemon sized
7 - 8 Ladies finger Chopped to 1' pieces
Red chilli powder/sambar powder - 2 sp
Oil - 1 Tbsp

To Temper:-
Mustard - 1 sp
Red Chilli - 2
Hing - 1/2 sp
Methi - 1 sp
Curry Leaves - few

Make thick pulp from tamarind for about 1 cup.
In a tava add a table spoon of oil, temper mustard, red chillis, hing, methi, curry leaves.
Once done, add the sambar powder/red chilli powder to the oil. Saute 2-3 seconds.
(I totally prefer adding sambar powder as it has the extra spices in it)
The powder will get fried in the oil and immediately simmer and add chopped ladies finger. The adding of sambar powder/chilli powder to the oil beforehand will add nice color and taste to the dish.
Saute the ladies finger for couple of minutes.
Add tamarind pulp.
Extract the tamarind again, as much as u can out of it adding water for about 2 cups more and add.
Let it boil. It will boil well enough and will come down to half its original size.
Add salt.
Serve hot with rice, will also go good with curd rice.

Its truly Lipsmacking :)

The spicy kuzhambu goes best with (any kind of) 'Paruppusili' as side dish. An ideal combo like Onion sambar and potato fry :)


Unknown said...

something dfferent..nice recipe..

Sowmya said...

Do try dear, if u like hot n spicy :)