Bhoondhi Raitha

I generally make Bhoondhi's at home as I do not get it in stores. Goes very handy for raitha when side dish is not available. I do not have bhoondhi laddle with me, I use my pressure cooker steamer plate (that has small holes) to make bhoondis. :)


For Bhoondhi:
Gram Flour - 1 cup
Rice Flour - 2 Tbsp (This is optional, to give a crispness. Can add more or less per taste)
Oil to deep fry

For Raitha:
Curd - 1 cup
Red chilli powder
Curry leaves/coriander

Sieve together Gram Flour, Rice flour and salt.
Add water and make a thin batter.(Can add a spoon of hot oil for kneading)
Heat oil in a pan.
Keep the Bhoondhi laddle above the oil, carefully add the batter to the laddle, such that the bhoondhis fell into the oil.
Fry till its golden yellow.
Transfer it to kitchen napkins.
***Rice flour if added very much, can give crispness but alters the taste.
***Round Bhoondis are got when there is enough oil for the Bhoondis to immerse. I am quite stingy to do that :) and hence my bhoondhis are never in good shape.

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Beat the curd to thick buttermilk stage. Add the bhoondis and salt.
Add red chilli powder coriander/curry leaves (Opt)
This needs about 20 mins minimum for the Bhoondis to get soaked in curd.
***As an alternative, soak the bhoondis in warm water for 5 mins and then add it to curd for quick soaking. this way some excess oil also is taken out from bhoondis.